Comic Book Resource


Joseph Barratt: An Eccentric Middletown Polymath and Fossil Collector

The Connecticut Science Center’s “Down To A Science” Blog

The Great Scott Moon Rock

Atlas Moths

Glacial Lake Hitchcock

Epiphytic Plants

Children’s Book Review: Grandmother Fish

Discovering Spinosaurus

Exploring the Evolution of Spinosaurus

Neovenator’s Sensitive Snout

Dinosaur State Park “Tracks and Trails” Newsletter

Dr. Joseph Barratt: An Eccentric Fossil Hunter From Connecticut

Edward Hitchcock: The Founder of Ichnology

Triassic Fossils of the East Coast: Long-Necked Reptiles

Triassic Fossils of the East Coast: Oddities

Land Crocodiles of the Mesozoic

The Pope Mastodon

Colobops Noviportensis: A Triassic Reptile From Connecticut With A Powerful Bite

The Sandstone Bird: A Poem By Edward Hitchcock

Small Fossil Tracks of the Connecticut Valley

Astrovitae Magainze

Letters From Saturn


Granny Flatwoods

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