John Meszaros has always been a drawer and a writer since he was young. And when he’s not, he’s usually exploring and gathering inspiration for more drawings and writings. Museums have been a huge influence on John’s work, particularly old natural history museums packed with cases of fossils, dioramas, and maybe a Mastodon skeleton or two (every natural history museum needs a Mastodon, in his opinion).

John grew up in Michigan with occasional trips to Hawai’I and Florida. After getting a Bachelor’s in Biology and Creative Writing from the University of Michigan, he moved to Connecticut and hasn’t stopped traveling since.  He’s been to Arizona, New York, New Zealand, Ireland and many places beyond. His biology background has greatly influenced his art- as have those old natural history museums mentioned earlier. Really, he’d probably live in a natural history museum if he could. Or a library. Or a botanical garden. Heck, he’s already halfway there with all the bookshelves, fossils, and plants filling up his house. He likes to think of his body of work as his own personal museum. Or at least his own personal Cabinet of Curiosities.

You might have heard that he’s kind of a fan of Halloween but be assured that he most definitely does NOT plan out his Halloween season months in advance. Definitely not.

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